Welcome to the Technocracy: A movement inspired by creators, explorers, and innovators.

   Within the Technocracy we are striving to build a worthy future for generations to come. We believe experts in the fields of science, health, economics, and their sub-fields pave the way for sustainable civilizations and the greatest good for human society. All too often, human beings are led astray in our pursuits to create a better world by ignorance and lack of awareness on a global scale. We need leaders who are informed and who have the longevity of the human race in mind, not a profit margin. 

   How do we find these leaders? What are the industries that matter most? What qualities can be improved upon within our societies to contribute to a higher quality of life for future generations? How can we be morally upright stewards of our planet? These are the questions we seek to answer within the Technocratic Movement. Can we revoke the traditions of our ancestors and inject a more efficient and benevolent system? 

   Within this website you will find a collection of blogs, vlogs, news articles, and podcasts that will explore these questions. We will unravel the fabric of our planet’s greatest nations, past and present, and we will seek how to strengthen this fabric so that it will cradle humanity for millennia to come.